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 DOUG-OWNER-LEAD INVESTIGATOR-Doug has been an investigator since 2001. And is 100% dedicated to the paranormal world, trying to prove if a place is haunted or not. In 2004 he decided to open his own paranormal group called Carolina Paranormal Unit. And has help many people as a result of that. His intrest in the paranormal comes from his childhood and his adult experiences.  He has had several paranormal experiences in his life that he knows was something not of this realm. He also credits his mother as well as she was a firm believer in the paranormal. And would always take him and his siblings to haunted houses.  And she always supported him in investigating the paranormal.  He has a wife and two kids. He loves outdoors and riding his motorcycle and hanging out with his family and friends. 

 VICKY - LEAD INVESTIGATOR-Vicky is a hard working mom who always puts her husband and children first. She is the wife of the owner and has been an investigator since 2004. And like her husband Doug she also dedicated 100% to the paranormal world. When she is not investigating the paranormal, she loves spending time with her two kids and her husband. Her and her husband love taking trips camping and riding her husbands motorcycle. Like her husband she to had a paranormal experience when she was young. And that help contribute to her growing up and being interested in the paranormal.  

Honorary member
Rest in peace
In loving memory of Gracie "Cindi" Davidson
 January 29, 1960 - May 31, 2017

Cindi was a wonderful woman. But a better mother, there are none. She was the best mother any child could ask for. She was loving, caring, giving, everything you could want in a mother. But she was not just a mother, she was a super-mom. Cindi was a single mother of three children, 1 girl Stephanie and 2 boys Doug and Jamie. She work 2 jobs just to provide for her kids, all while still making time for them. When her kids was growing up, they didn't always get what they wanted. But she made sure they always had what they needed. She was always the one person her children knew the could always count on. Cindi loved life, she loved her children, her grandchildren and her siblings. Cindi was one of the original members of Carolina Paranormal Unit. She loved a good haunted house, and investigating the paranormal. She loved every aspect of the paranormal world. She was never too scared to go into a place, no matter what was said about the place or how haunted it was. She was a CNA for years working in nursing homes. Then became a phlebotomist where she work in both fields for several years. She attended church regularly at Redeemed Pentecostal Holiness Church. Three years before she passed her and the family found out that she had colon cancer. She fought through an 18 and a half hour surgery and one month of life support. For two and a half years, she got better. And was able to get back to about 70% of her life. Then her and the family got the news that her cancer was back and had turned fast acting aggressive. Cindi passed away in her bed with family around her two weeks later. Cindi will forever be missed, she was the glue that held her family together. And she will forever be a honorary member of Carolina Paranormal Unit.